Coaching Elected Officials and Organizational Leaders

Alisha uses her experiences as a leader in politics, education administration, and the non-profit sectors to help organizational leaders, and elected officials lead and manage their teams or organizations with their most authentic selves.

Elected Officials

Alisha has developed a successful coaching program supporting elected officials.
Her elected clients can find a safe space to talk about political and personal challenges, receive support in navigating the political landscape, setting and implementing goals, establishing strong constituent services, and leadership development.

Organizational Leaders

Alisha has developed a successful coaching program supporting organizational leaders, giving you the tools you need to lead and manage your team or organization with your most authentic self.

Grateful for the vulnerability that she showed and modeling what it takes to find yourself as a Leader, Politician and A Black Woman! She is a Servant Leader and Courageous Warrior Queen that will go through Any Fire. Alisha might say… ‘It may seem Impossible Until its Done…Just Be Fearless!’

– Jumoke Hinton Hodge, Oakland Board of Education, California

Fearless Chic in Action


Embrace the change!

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