At a roundtable this week hosted by Alisha Thomas Searcy, the Democratic nominee for Georgia schools superintendent, a group of stakeholders made clear their thoughts…
That is the response of Alisha Thomas Searcy, Democrat candidate for State Superintendent, to the pay hike teachers statewide received on the final day of…
The former state representative is hoping to become the next Georgia’s State School Superintendent. Watch Video On 11 Alive


Georgia Gang

Alisha is a regular contributor on Atlanta Fox 5’s Georgia Gang, a political talk show on Sundays at 8:30 am.

Georgia Gang- June 25, 2023

Watch and listen to Alisha on the panel of Georgia Gang, where they discuss the upcoming election.

Georgia Gang- May 14, 2023

Georgia Gang- April 2, 2023

Watch and listen to Alisha on the panel of Georgia Gang.

Georgia Gang- April 9, 2023

The Learning Curve Podcast

Alisha serves a Guest Host on the Learning Curve Podcast.

Emily Hanford on Reading Science & K-12 Literacy

This week on The Learning Curve, guest co-hosts Prof. Albert Cheng of the University of Arkansas and Alisha Searcy interview journalist Emily Hanford, host of the hit podcast Sold a Story: How Teaching Kids to Read Went So Wrong. Ms. Hanford discusses how she became interested in the science of reading, the growing consensus around phonics as the best way to teach children to read, the impact of the digital age on learning, and the importance of academic background knowledge for schoolchildren’s learning.

Johns Hopkins’ Dr. David Steiner on Teaching Wisdom in Schools

This week on The Learning Curve, guest cohosts Charlie Chieppo and Alisha Searcy join Dr. David Steiner for a wide-ranging discussion about the importance of education as a means of transmitting enduring wisdom to young people.

News and Media

Alisha has also been featured in the following television and news outlets.

State superintendent candidate visits Valdosta

Searcy recently traveled to Ideal, Georgia. A wonderful small town in rural west central Georgia.

A Virtual Bi-partisan Education Discussion With Alisha Searcy

It promises to be one of the most noteworthy and newsworthy events of this election season in Georgia, particularly for students, parents and teachers across the state.

Challenger leads in cash race for Georgia school superintendent

Democratic former state Rep. Alisha Thomas Searcy has outraised Republican incumbent Richard Woods in the state school superintendent’s race.