Successfully blending her expertise in education, politics/public policy and the nonprofit sectors,
Alisha Thomas Searcy is one of the nation’s most admirable speakers and transformational leadership coaches.

Effective Training

Alisha is an effective trainer on a multitude of topics. These trainings can be delivered to a small team or an organization.

Alisha’s training topics include:
  • Building strong teams
  • Creating the right workplace culture and teams
  • Effective human capital strategies
  • Values-based budgeting
  • Running for office
  • Resource development/fundraising
  • Advocacy/how to lobby
  • Leading vs managing
  • Strategic planning

“From the moment I met Alisha, I knew she had the power to change the world. That power, complemented by her passion and professionalism, creates a perfect combination for her to continue being a catalyst for positive change...”

-Alonia Jones, Entrepreneur, Pastor, Spelman woman Atlanta, Georgia

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